Fidelity Closed-End Funds Review

Welcome to the second edition of Marten & Co’s Fidelity Closed-End Funds Review – a regular publication that looks at Fidelity and recent developments in three of its investment trusts – Fidelity Asian Values, Fidelity Japanese Values and Fidelity Special Values.

In this issue:

  • Fidelity Asian Values rises to the top of the performance tables in the AIC’s Asia ex Japan sector.
  • Fidelity Japanese Values expands as its subscription shares are exercised. The new manager, Nicholas Price, appears to be having a positive impact on performance.
  • Fidelity Special Values’ manager, Alex Wright, says he is taking advantage of market volatility to pick up attractively valued stocks.

Special feature: Fidelity Japanese Values – a new start

We also include a special feature on Fidelity Japanese Values as its new manager and investment style deliver outperformance of its benchmark.

Fidelity Japanese Trust : FJV focuses predominantly on medium-sized and smaller Japanese companies, many of which are under researched, with the aim of achieve long-term capital growth from an actively managed portfolio of securities. This creates an opportunity to find mis-priced stocks and vigorously assess their potential before making investment decisions. The managers say Japan has a well developed infrastructure and many innovative businesses that span a broad spectrum of industries from manufacturing to cutting-edge technology. It can also leverage its close proximity to China and other high-growth Asian countries. The manager’s proprietary research forms the cornerstone of the investment process and drives the trust manager’s bottom-up stock selection approach and sector allocation is a direct result of the manager’s bottom-up stock selection. The portfolio manager is based in Tokyo, Japan.

Fidelity Japanese Trust changed its name from Fidelity Japanese Values with effect from 24th May 2018. The ticker (FJV) remains unchanged.

You can access Fidelity’s investment trust website here

Fidelity Closed-End Funds Review : FAS, FJV, FSV