Fidelity Changes!

Welcome to the first edition of Marten & Co’s regular publication. This edition takes a look at Fidelity and recent developments in three of its investment trusts – Fidelity Asian ValuesFidelity Japanese Values and Fidelity Special Values.

Special feature: New manager Nitin Bajaj settles in at Fidelity Asian Values

Fidelity Asian Values invests in the stock markets of the major economies of the Asian region, such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore, as well as the less developed markets of Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. This trust does not invest in Japan.

Nitin Bajaj, the portfolio manager, is a value investor who prefers to invest in small and medium sized companies as they tend to be less well researched and, therefore, more often mispriced. His investment decisions are based on rigorous fundamental analysis, with a bottom-up stock selection approach making use of Fidelity’s proprietary research resources

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Fidelity Changes! : FAS, FSV, FJV,