Fidelity’s investment trust range

Fidelity currently manage five investment trusts – Fidelity Asian Values : FAV, Fidelity China Special Situations : FCSS, Fidelity European Values : FEV, Fidelity Japanese Values : FJV and Fidelity Special Values : FSV – our report explains their objectives and investment strategies and looks at their recent performance.

We also take a look at some of the strongly performing strategies that are currently only available within Fidelity’s open-ended funds (Global, Europe, Asia and Emerging Markets). We believe these could appeal to the CEF investor and speculate whether these could be used to expand Fidelity’s closed end fund range.

Fidelity Worldwide Investment is a global investment management organisation that offers an impressive range of funds to both private and institutional investors. It has c US$275bn of assets under management and is renowned for both its bottom up stock picking investment process as well as a focus on long-term performance.