India Capital Growth – Moving to the main board

Marten & Co has published a note on a company in the Country Specialists – Asia Pacific sector.

India Capital Growth (IGC) moved to the premium listing segment of the London Stock Exchange’s main market on 24 January 2018. The board considers that this market is more appropriate for a fund of IGC’s size and maturity, and provides a more suitable platform for its growth ambitions. It also believes that the move allows IGC to access an expanded investor audience, putting it on a par with its immediate peers, and that it will benefit from better liquidity in its shares, and potentially an improved rating, building on last year’s narrowing discount (see pages 2 and 3).

IGC’s adviser thinks that slowing earnings growth in India has bottomed, and the outlook is good, but believes earnings need to grow into current valuations and so the market may pause for breath.

Mid-and-small-cap listed investments in India

IGC’s investment objective is to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing (directly or indirectly) in companies based in India. The investment policy permits the company to make investments in a range of Indian equity securities and Indian equity-linked securities. The company’s investments will predominantly be in listed mid-and-small-cap Indian companies.

You can access information about the fund at its website Click here.

IGC : India Capital Growth – Moving to the main board