Polar Capital Global Healthcare – Extended life, new objective is the initiation note in which Marten & Co explains the workings of the company.

Polar Capital Global Healthcare (PCGH or the company) is an investment trust, that listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2010. PCGH is managed by a team led by Daniel Mahony PhD of Polar Capital LLP (the manager).

PCGH is proposing to extend its life to 1 March 2025 and is adopting a new investment objective, aiming to generate capital growth, by investing in a global portfolio of healthcare stocks across all healthcare sub-sectors.

The portfolio will be diversified and split between growth stocks (mainly US listed companies with a market cap in excess of $5bn) and innovation stocks (small/mid-cap companies driving disruptive change), with an initial 90:10 split in favour of growth stocks.

Exposure to innovation stocks may be made, in due course, through a new dedicated fund.

The manager will seek to manage the portfolio with the same low levels of risk and volatility targeted since PCGH’s inception.

50-stock portfolio with a maximum of 10% in any one stock (at the time of investment).

Up to 5% in unquoted/unlisted stocks (at the time of investment).

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PCGH : Polar Capital Global Healthcare – Extended life, new objective