The SME Loan Fund – Steady progress in turbulent times

Marten & Co published an update research note on the SME Loan Fund (SMEF), formerly GLI Alternative Finance (GLAF) It has been one of the best-performing funds in its peer group in NAV terms since it was launched. It is focused on lending to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), an area which in the experience of the UK investment companies market to date, has proved to be less prone to defaults than consumer lending. The board and the manager are keen to close the discount and expand the fund. They point out that investors buying today can, if they wish, exit part of their holding at NAV less 0.5% in March 2017. The board may also consider buying back stock beforehand.

UPDATE: 19 July 2018 –  SQN Secured Income Fund : SSIF

The SQN Secured Income Fund (formerly SME Loan Fund : SMEF and, before that, GLI Alternative Finance : GLAF) aims to provide its shareholders with attractive risk adjusted returns through investment, principally via a range of investee platforms, in a range of SME loan assets, diversified by way of asset class, geography and duration. The company may invest directly or indirectly into available opportunities, including by making investments in, or acquiring interests held by, third party alternative lending platforms and other lending related opportunities as identified by the manager in accordance with the company’s investment policy.

You can access the company’s website here

We have published research on this fund – steady progress in turbulent times and off and running

SSIF: The SME Loan Fund – Steady progress in turbulent times