Aberdeen Frontier Markets- Direct investing

On 9 December 2016, the board of Aberdeen Frontier Markets (AFMC) announced that take up of its 100% tender offer had exceeded expectations. After deliberating on the future of the fund, the board is asking shareholders to approve a shift to direct investing in frontier markets. Shareholders still have the opportunity of a cash exit if desired but the manager is injecting up to £10m into the fund to keep it viable.

Aberdeen Frontier Markets (formerly Advance Frontier Markets : AFMF) aims to generate long-term capital growth primarily from investment in equity and equity-related securities of companies listed in, or operating in, frontier markets. Frontier market countries are developing countries that don’t qualify for inclusion in emerging market indices. Permitted countries may include constituents of the MSCI Frontier Markets Index or additional countries that the investment manager deems to be, or displays similar characteristics to, frontier market countries. It used to invest via funds but now invests directly.

We have written notes that explain how the fund works: “Direct investing” and “Long-term growth opportunity?”

You can access the manager’s website here

AFMC : Aberdeen Frontier Markets- Direct investing