Pacific Horizon – Top of the Pops! – Pacific Horizon (PHI) has benefitted strongly as both the Asia ex Japan region and technology stocks, to which PHI has a significant exposure, have rallied. This has seen it move up the competitor peer-group rankings so that it is first and second, in terms of NAV total return, over one and three years respectively.

PHI’s manager, Ewan Markson-Brown, believes that the rising wealth of the middle class in Asia is likely to be the big driver of global growth over the next 20 years but that financial markets do not fully appreciate this yet. He expects to see a trend in global capital moving away from the US dollar, towards emerging markets, especially Asia, and a reassessing of the growth in these domestic economies. He believes that, while capital flows to the region are very cyclical, and says that any risk-off period (when nervous investors prefer investments that they perceive to be safe) will provide good buying opportunities for new all-time highs.

Focused on Asia ex Japan growth stocks

PHI invests in the Asia-Pacific region (excluding Japan) and in the Indian subcontinent, in order to achieve capital growth. The company is prepared to move freely between the markets of the region as opportunities for growth vary. The portfolio will normally consist entirely of quoted securities.

PHI : Pacific Horizon – Top of the Pops!