Premier Energy & Water – It’s a £24m rollover!

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On 31 December 2015, Premier Energy & Water Trust (PEW) issued £24.1m of new Zero Dividend Preference shares (ZDPs) to partially refinance its 2015 ZDP issue that matured that day. Following this transaction, its borrowings are significantly less and the cost of these are lower. Gross assets are also smaller, which results in lower income for its ordinary shares, whilst the trust’s additional dividends are also coming to an end. However, the managers anticipate income generation from the portfolio to be strong and the board expects to pay at least an 8p dividend per ordinary share for 2016.

Premier Energy & Water – It’s a £24m rollover!

UPDATE : Premier Global Infrastructure (formerly Premier Energy and Water, PEW) aims to achieve a high income and to realise long-term growth in the capital value of its portfolio. It invests principally in equity and equity-related securities of companies operating in the energy and water sectors, as well as other infrastructure investments and invests in both developed and emerging markets to capitalise on the opportunities in the utility markets.

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PGIT : Premier Energy & Water – It’s a £24m rollover!